Square Nail On Felt Base Glide 15/16"

Square Nail On Felt Base Glide 15/16"
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Product Description

15/16" Brown Nylon Nail-On Felt Pads:

Elevate Your Furniture's Floor Protection with These Nail-On Felt Pads:

  • Scratch-Free Floors: These nail-on felt pads are your ideal solution for shielding your floors from unsightly scratches and damage.
  • Easy Installation: Nail these pads securely into your furniture for durable, long-lasting floor protection.
  • Optimal Leg Preservation: For exceptionally hard wooden legs, consider drilling a slightly smaller hole to prevent splitting, and then hammer the glide securely into place.

Discover the Advantages of the 15/16" Brown Nylon Nail-On Felt Pads:

  • Effective Floor Shield: Crafted with brown nylon and a dark felt base, these pads offer reliable protection against floor damage.
  • Nail-On Convenience: Easily install these pads into your furniture to enjoy worry-free, scratch-resistant floors.
  • Durable Construction: Designed to withstand everyday wear and tear, these felt pads ensure your floors remain in pristine condition.

Elevate Your Furniture's Durability and Protect Your Floors with 15/16" Brown Nylon Nail-On Felt Pads. Experience the perfect balance of floor protection and convenience with these dependable pads.