Nylon Glide Caps

Nylon Glide Caps
  • Fits right over your existing glide.
  • No dismantling of steel glide necessary.
  • Glide caps merely snap over worn out steel glides.
  • Made of white nylon material.
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1-1/4" Nylon Glide Cap With Stipples
  • Sand and grit go between stipples on bottom of glide to prevent floor scratches.
  • Glide cap easily snaps over the bottom of 1-1/4" base diameter metal glides.
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Nylon Glide Caps
  • Snaps over metal glides with 1-1/16" (KGC1), 1-3/16" (KGC2), or 1-1/4" (KGC3) diameter base.
  • Made of white nylon material.
  • Periodically clean off nylon base to avoid floor scratches.
Steel Glide
Part No.
1-1/16" KGC1
1-3/16" KGC2
1-1/4" KGC3
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Patio Furniture Weldment Caps
  • Fit inside of the small cup on the bottom of wrought iron patio furniture.
  • Part No. W1474 - 1/2" height weldment caps for 1" ID legs.
  • Part No. W1471 - 7/16" height weldment caps for 1-1/4" ID legs.
  • Part No. W1470 - 1/2" height weldment caps for 1-1/2" ID legs.
  • 1/8" to 3/16" thick base for long wear.
  • Made of nylon for long life.
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