The Best Chair Glides for Hardwood Floors

Protecting your hardwood floors is more than just about the floor. It's about protecting your investment. Whether you spent time and money restoring your wood floors yourself, or hired someone to install brand new floors, it's worth protecting your them as much as you can.

Scratches and scuffs don't often come from walking on hardwood with the wrong shoes, or odd accidents like dropping a tray of drinking glasses. They come from ordinary occurrences like moving dining room chairs back and forth or rearranging furniture.

Certain types of furniture can be rougher on hardwood floors than others. Chairs with metal legs or furniture with hard plastic feet will cause more problems over time.

The best way to protect your hardwood floors is with felt chair glides or felt furniture pads. Durable felt is soft on hardwood floors but strong enough to withstand the weight of the furniture and repeated movement and use. Compare that with metal chair glides which can rust and cause stains, or plastic glides that may break and cause scratches.

Here's our list of the best chair glides for hardwood floors based on customer feedback!

Nail-On Felt Glides for Wooden Chair Legs

nail on felt glides for chairs & tables

Nail-on felt glides are our best selling chair glides for hardwood floors and other types of floors too. The durable felt pad is attached to the glide base with an industrial-strength adhesive that prevents separation. The nail-on style makes it easy to secure the chair glide to the base of your furniture's or chair's feet. Shop Nail-On Felt Glides for Wooden Legs »

Tap-On Felt Chair Glides

tap in felt glides for chairs & tables

We typically recommend tap-on felt chair glides for wooden furniture or chair glides. Installing them is super easy and involves no need for drilling or gluing. Simply line up the felt glide with your furniture or chair leg and tap it in with a hammer. The durability of these types of hardwood floor chair glides is unmatched. It combines the strength of plastic, metal and felt that are all bonded together in manufacturing. Shop Tap-On Felt Glides »

Sled Base Felt Glides

sled base felt glides for chairs & tables

Sled base felt chair glides for hardwood floors are designed for specific styles of furniture. If your chair, school desk or furniture has sled-style tubed legs, this is the chair glide that will protect your hardwood floor and furniture the best. It's made of high-quality strength plastic that gives you the flexibility to stretch and snap it onto your furniture leg tightly. It's then bonded securely with a durable felt pad that is soft on wood floors. Shop Sled Base Felt Glides »

Levelers with Felt Pads

levelers with felt pads for chairs & tables

These types of felt chair glides help protect your hardwood floors while giving you the flexibility to adjust the height of your glide. If your furniture has uneven legs or sits on an uneven floor, then adjustable felt glides like this work the best. You can screw it into the leg of your furniture as far as needed to keep your furniture secure and level. It's adhered to the felt pad securely for long-lasting use. Shop Levelers with Felt Pads »

Snap On Felt Glides

snap on felt glides for feet on tables and chairs

Snap-on felt chair glides are great for rounded metal, plastic or even wood chair legs or desk legs. They snap on to the bottoms of your furniture legs securely and are available in several diameters for different sized legs. If you find yourself in between diameter sizes, size up! These can sit under your furniture leg while still giving you the ability to slide your furniture around as needed. It's one of the best chair glides for hardwood floors which we routinely suggest for homes or businesses. Shop Snap On Felt Glides »