Protect Your Hardwood Floors with Felt Furniture Pads and Chair Glides

Valuing Hardwood Floors

Customers often make requests for chair or furniture glides to protect hardwood floors. This type of flooring can be a prized feature of a home or business. People take a lot of time and effort restoring, buffing, polishing and maintaining their hardwood floors.

And why not? Installing hardwood floors is an expensive task. Whether you choose oak floors, maple floors, cherry or bamboo floors, each is an investment you want to take care of. Many opt to restore their existing hardwood floors. Old floors add lots of character to any room and can increase your property's value.

Needless to say, maintenance for new or restored floors is important. And when you find the perfect set of dining room chairs, desks, or tables, you might think twice about putting those furniture legs on your precious hardwood floors. Dragging furniture across floors can scuff or even permanently scratch your floors. Metal chair or furniture legs are especially rough. But even other materials like plastic can cause problems.

Protect Your Floors with Felt Furniture Pads

felt furniture pads for feet to prevent scratching of floorsThe best way to protect your hardwood floors is with felt furniture pads. These felt-base glides will allow your furniture to smoothly move across your floor's surface. Their soft surface is gentle enough not to cause any nicks or scuffs on hardwood floors.

Felt chair or furniture pads aren't made from the same type of felt kids use for crafting projects. This is durable felt designed specifically for repeated use and will maintain their quality for years to come. It's secured to the glide portion itself with strong industrial-strength adhesive that prevents separation.

Finding The Perfect Set of Felt Glides

Finding the right set of felt furniture pads or felt chair glides is easy. All Glides features a variety of sizes and styles designed for different needs that you can order online. If you are unsure about the type of felt glide you need, give us a call (1-866-255-8645). We would be happy to send you a couple of free samples to try! Send back what you don't need, and then place your order for a full set of felt furniture pads.