Felt Base Glides for Furniture & Chairs

 Felt Base Glides
  • Felt is one of the best ways to protect your smooth floors from scratches.
  • Metal or plastic base glides can scratch the floor after base is worn. Felt base glides won't scratch!
  • Felt allows glides to move quietly and easily across smooth surfaces.
  • Works best on hard, smooth surfaces. Can snag on tile floors with grout or uneven floors. For those floors choose nylon base glides.

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  • Most popular glide for wooden furniture!
  • Felt is strongly bonded to glide during the manufacturing process.
  • Installs easily with the tap of a hammer.
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  • Felt base glides easily nail into wooden furniture legs.
  • Perfect protectors against scratches on your smooth, hard floors.
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  • Glide KCG014DP is 3/8" deep.
  • Felt bottom is strongly bonded to the white colored plastic cup during the manufacturing process.
  • Snaps over glide with an 1-1/4" diameter base.
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  • No longer remove worn out or broken glides.
  • Repair with New SNAP-N-LOC felt base caps.
  • Fits over 95% of all school 1-1/4" or less base diameter glides.
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  • Attaches directly to leg bottom or glide bottom with supplied adhesive.
  • Sticks better than peel and stick felt pads.
  • 1" diameter, 1/4" thick, gray color carpeting on sturdy carpet backing.
  • 120 Whisper Glides per bag.
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  • An easy and quick method to eliminate black floor marks and scratches, reduce moving noise, and extend the life of your floors.
  • Simply peel off a paper covering and press the adhesive backed pad to the dry, clean leg or glide bottom.
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  • Snaps around sled base legs.
  • Felt base sled base glides protect your floor from marks or scratches.
  • Felt is for use on smooth, hard floors. Not recommended for use on tile floors or rough floors or in kitchens or cafeterias. For these floors use plastic base sled base glides.
  • Manufactured with peel and stick felt pads. Replacement felt is available for purchase.
  • Select from many different sizes.
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  • Felt for FG series sled base glides.
  • This is a peel and stick felt pad.
  • FG2026 is 3/8" x 2"
  • FG2028 is 1/2" x 2"
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  • 3/4 inch long stem, 1/4-20 thread, and a 1" diameter base.
  • Felt bottom is strongly bonded to the plastic base.
  • Recommended by flooring manufacturers & installers.
  • Screws into 1/4" threaded hole in furniture leg.
  • Can be combined with a t-nut for installation in wooden leg or spring clip for installation in hollow round or square legs.
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  • 1/2" wide by 5" long felt strips with adhesive backing.
  • Comes in a bag of 6 strips.
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  • Manufactured with a peel and stick felt pad.
  • For use on smooth, hard floors. Not recommended for use on tile or rough floors or in kitchens or cafeterias.
  • Screws into threaded hole in furniture leg.
  • Available in 1/4-20 or 3/8-16 threads.
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  • Fits 1" x 1/2" OD hollow tube legs.
  • SuperFelt 1" diameter x 3/16" height.
  • Felt base is a peel and stick pad. Replacement felt is available.
  • Black polyethylene LLD with dark gray felt base.
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