Felt Based Glides

 Felt Based Glides
• Felt is the latest invention to protect your smooth floors and furniture tops even better

• Provides maximum protection against scratching on smooth floors.

• Metal base glides can scratch the floor after base is worn through, furniture felt pads don't.

• Plastic base glides can scratch the floor when grit and grime are embedded in the plastic bottom, furniture felt pads don't.

• Felt allows glides to move quietly and easily across smooth surfaces.

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• Most Popular Glide for Wooden Furniture.

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• Felt on nylon base glides.
• Perfect protectors against scratches on your floor.

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• Deep and shallow now available
• Safeglides snap over any school or other 1-1/4" glide.
• Glide KCG014 is 9/32" inside depth, with cap's widest inside point, 5/32" off the inside bottom
• Glide KCG014DP is 3/8" inside depth with cap's widest inside point, 1/4" off the inside bottom
• Also used as cups for small metal or porcelain roller coasters.
• Felt bottom is strongly bonded to the white colored plastic cup.

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• No longer remove worn out or broken glides.
• Repair with New SNAP-N-LOC™ felt based caps
• Image shows a glide before and after installation
• Fits over 95% of all school 1-1/4" or less base diameter glides
• Anyone can install these glides in seconds with one hand

• No tools required; see installation instructions.
• Caps unique mechanism makes it stay in place
• Tamper proof for safety & continued floor protection.
• Replaceable felt base is impervious to water, oil and most chemicals.

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• Attaches directly to leg bottom or glide bottom with supplied adhesive.
• Sticks better than pads
• Eliminates black floor marks, abrasiveness.
• Reduces moving noise and extends the life of your floors.
• 1" diameter, 1/4" thick, gray color carpeting on sturdy carpet backing
• Supplied adhesive, adheres glide to dry, clean leg or glide.

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• 120 Whisper Glides per bag.
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• Attaches directly to leg or glide bottom with adhesive already on pad.

• Easy and quick method to extend the life of your floors.

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• Felt based sled base glides protect your floor from marks or scratches.
• Select from FG2010, FG2011, FG2012, FG2013, FG2014, FG2025, FG5000, FG5000F.

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• Felt for FG series sled base glides.
• This is a peel and stick felt pad.
• FG2026 is 3/8" x 2"
• FG2028 is 1/2" x 2"

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• 1" long stem, 1/4-20 threads; 1" dia. base.
• Replaces existing 1/4-20 levelers on tables/ chairs for maximum protection of floors.
• Requires a T-NUT in bottom of leg
• Felt bottom is strongly bonded to the plastic base.

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1/2" wide by 5" long felt strips with adhesive backing. Comes in bag of 6 strips.

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• Combine it with a T-nut for wooden legs, or a square or round spring clip for tubular legs.
• 1" long stem, 1/4-20 threads; 1-1/8" dia. base; 1-1/8" total height
• Felt bottom is strongly bonded to the plastic base.
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  • Fits 1" x 1/2" hollow tube legs.
  • SuperFelt 1" diameter x 3/16" height.
  • Black polyethylene LLD with dark gray felt base.
  • A5022F
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