Installing Nail On Furniture Glides

nail on glides for wood furniture legsWooden chairs and tables are a beautiful addition to any home or office. To protect the integrity of your wooden furniture as well as your flooring, you can install nail on furniture glides.

The right type of wood furniture glide can add years to your furniture, unless you install it improperly. Here are some quick steps from start to finish to help ensure you don't ruin your furniture.

1.) Select the Right Nail On Furniture Glide Pad

The first step is to make sure you are working with the right size glide for your wooden furniture. Measure the width or diameter of your chair or table leg to get an idea of the size you need. Then search online for a part that fits within that measurement. If you're unsure, ask for free samples. Here at All Glides, we offer free samples to ensure the nail on glide you have is the right fit.

2.) Drill a Hole

Drilling a hole in your furniture leg will help ensure the nail of the glide doesn't cause the wood to splinter. Find a drill bit that is slightly smaller than the glide's nail. Carefully drill a hole that will be enough to get things started.

3.) Install The Nail On Glide

Now you can sit the nail on glide into the pre-made hole. Using a hammer, carefully tap the nail on glide into the furniture leg. You may want to use a hand towel or sponge in between the glide head and the hammer. This can help the glide absorb the impact of the hammer and prevent any cracks in the glide itself.

4.) Flip Your Chair Over And Test It Out

Flip your chair or furniture piece over to make sure the nail on glide stays in place. Make sure the glides aren't loose. If so, try a little wood glue to help hold it in place. If one is sitting unevenly causing your furniture to be wobbly, try drilling a bit deeper so the nail on glide can line up more evenly with the others.

Following these simple steps should help you easily and safely install your nail on furniture glides into any chair, table, chest, or bed frame. Wear any protective clothing you feel is needed.