Sled Base Felt Stem-Glide

Sled Base Felt Stem-Glide
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Product Description

Introducing the Ultimate Surface Guardian: The KS078 Sled Base Felt Stem-Glide

Experience Enhanced Furniture Elegance and Surface Protection with the KS078 Sled Base Felt Stem-Glide:

  • Safeguard Your Surfaces: Immerse your furniture in a layer of protection, preserving the integrity of your floors and surfaces, no matter the sled base chair diameter.
  • Effortless Installation: Elevate your furniture's stability and longevity with ease - locate the 1/4" holes on the sled leg's underside, gently tap in the KS078 with a hammer, and experience enhanced furniture functionality.

Uncover an Array of Advantages with the KS078 Sled Base Felt Stem-Glide:

  • Universal Versatility: Tailored to accommodate sled base chairs of any diameter, the KS078 brings a versatile solution that adapts seamlessly to your furniture needs.
  • Efficient Cross-Grain Usage: Extend the applicability of the KS078 beyond sled bases - by drilling a quarter-inch hole, it becomes a robust choice for wooden cross-grain applications.
  • Bonded for Resilience: The KS078 marries the strength of plastic glide with the protection of felt bottoms, creating a steadfast barrier that shields surfaces from potential damage.
  • Elegance in Diversity: Experience the fusion of style and functionality - while the felt may vary in color, thickness, and composition, it consistently delivers elevated protection.

Elevate Your Furniture's Longevity and Surface Integrity with the KS078 Sled Base Felt Stem-Glide. Unlock an unparalleled combination of protection and elegance for your cherished surroundings.