Protect Your Carpets with Plastic Furniture Feet

plastic chair feet caps to protect floors from scratchesCarpets in your home, business, or school are an important investment you want to protect. Part of the wear-and-tear on carpeting is the type of furniture sitting on top of it.

We hear from many business and school maintenance technicians about issues with metal chair legs and metal desk legs. While metal is an ideal material for furniture in high-usage situations, they can actually pose a problem for carpets.

Sharp corners on metal furniture legs can snag loose threads. Furniture that hasn't been moved in a long time can cause permanent damage to carpeting as well.

It's a lot harder to replace carpeting than it is to invest in extra protection ahead of time. That is why we often recommend plastic furniture feet for use on furniture in rooms with carpeting. Plastic furniture feet are designed to move smoothly over the surface of many types of carpeting. It is an ideal material that gives you both ease of use and durability.

There are several styles that work with many different chair or furniture legs. We carry plastic furniture feet that are round, oval, square and rectangle shapes. Some feet or glides snap into the base of the chair or furniture leg. Others stretch and sit over the leg.

Either style offers the same type of effective protection for both your furniture and carpeting. Order the right style and size online or call to speak with one of our customer service experts. We can help you find the right size and fit or we can send you free samples to test a few before you place your order.