What's the Best Solution for Chairs with Built-in Metal Glides?

nylon caps snap over existing metal chair glidesChairs with built-in metal floor glides can be excellent. But sometimes you may need to move your chair into a room where metal glides aren't exactly the best thing. In these circumstances, we suggest Nylon Glide Caps.

These types of chair glide caps snap over your existing metal glide for a perfect fit. They feature durable, hard nylon material that is strong and resistant to wear and tear. Nylon plastic is often used in industrial settings to replace metal bearings and the like. So we're pretty confident nylon chair glides will work perfectly for your needs.

nylon furniture caps with stippled textureSome nylon furniture caps feature a "stippled" end. This helps prevent sand and grit from getting caught underneath your furniture or chair legs. When it does, it can often be too late as the gritty material could already scratch the surface of your floors. Stippled nylon caps give the grime a way to break loose easily.

Try nylon glide caps for your metal chair legs today. There's no easier, more durable way to protect your chairs and floors with one easy cap. Ask us about free samples!