7/8" Nail on Felt Base Glide

7/8" Nail on Felt Base Glide
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Product Description

NG87F - 7/8" Nail-On Felt Base Glide for Wooden Legs:

Protect Your Floors with the NG87F Nail-On Glide:

  • Ultimate Floor Protection: The NG87F Glide is your perfect safeguard against scratches and damage to your floors.
  • Easy Installation: These felt base glides are designed for effortless installation, nailing easily into your furniture for long-lasting protection.
  • Split-Resistant Design: To prevent splitting of very hard wooden legs, you may need to drill a slightly smaller size hole than the nail glide nail diameter and then securely hammer the glide into the hole.

Discover the Advantages of the NG87F - 7/8" Nail-On Felt Base Glide:

  • Enhanced Floor Care: With its felt base, the NG87F Glide provides optimal care for your floors, keeping them scratch-free.
  • Secure Fit: The nail-on design ensures a secure and durable attachment to your wooden furniture legs.
  • Wooden Finish: Designed for wooden legs, the NG87F complements your furniture's aesthetic while offering superior protection.

Protect Your Floors and Elevate Your Furniture's Aesthetic with the NG87F - 7/8" Nail-On Felt Base Glide for Wooden Legs. Experience unmatched floor protection and maintain the beauty of your floors.