Felt Furniture Pads: A Smart Solution For Your Home or Business

felt furniture pads protects home and business floors

Felt furniture pads are the most popular type of furniture glide, as proven by our customers. We routinely sell felt furniture pads at high volume, throughout the year. And why not? They make perfect sense across the board. Here's why:

Felt Furniture Glides are Economical

When our customers come to us looking for a solution to protect their floors and furniture, one of the questions we ask is "what is your price point?" When we know what their budget is, we can make clear recommendations. Felt chair pads and glides are very affordable and make sense for large volume projects. Some run as low as $.28 a piece (or lower!) with prices discounted as quantities grow.

Noise Control With Felt Pads

We've all been there. You're in a group meeting or listening to a class presentation, and need to make a quiet exit. You scootch your chair back, and there it is. That loud, awkward, all-eyes-on-me sound of the chair grinding against the surface of the floor. It's not the end of the world, but there is an actual solution that can make things just a little easier and a little quieter. And that's felt chair pads. The soft, yet durable material allows your chair to glide over your floors without causing the loud noise that hard material on hard material does.

Move Heavy Furniture Like A Boss

If you have large desks, cabinets, shelves or just big furniture in general, it can be a pain to move these when you need to. Sure, you might not need to move them often, but when you do, you're going to wish you had installed felt furniture pads after all. These make it easy to slide furniture back and forth as needed. And because they're not gripping to the floor like other hard materials or plastics do, there really is no heavy pushing. Plus they eliminate the need to lift and carry furniture. So think ahead and invest in a few felt furniture pads.

There is no question, felt furniture pads are a top solution for floor glides. With so many different styles and sizes, you can easily find a set that suits your needs perfectly. If you're totally unsure, contact All Glides today for an expert recommendation. We may even send you a couple of free furniture felt glides to help you decide what you need!