Part No. FG2006 - 3/8-16 Leveler Glide with Felt Base

Part No. FG2006 - 3/8-16 Leveler Glide with Felt Base
Part No:FG2006
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Product Description

The FG2006 3/8-16 Leveler Glide with Felt Base is a versatile and adjustable solution for furniture leveling and floor protection. Here are the key features of this leveler glide:

  • Leveling Capability: The 3/8-16 threaded stud allows for easy leveling of furniture. By adjusting the glide up or down, you can compensate for uneven floors and ensure stable and wobble-free furniture placement.
  • Felt Base: The glide is equipped with a felt base, which provides excellent floor protection. The soft and smooth felt material prevents scratches, scuffs, and marks on various flooring types, including hardwood, laminate, tile, and vinyl.
  • Threaded Stud: The 3/8-16 threaded stud provides a secure and stable attachment to furniture legs or bases. It allows for easy installation by simply screwing the glide into the threaded hole or insert on the furniture.
  • Adjustable Height: The leveler glide offers height adjustment, allowing you to fine-tune the furniture's level on uneven surfaces. By turning the glide clockwise or counterclockwise, you can raise or lower the furniture to achieve the desired level.
  • Sturdy Construction: The leveler glide is made of durable materials, ensuring long-lasting performance and stability. It can withstand the weight and pressure of furniture, providing reliable support and leveling capability.
  • Noise Reduction: The felt base not only protects the floor but also reduces noise caused by furniture movement. The soft and cushioning effect of the felt minimizes the scraping or dragging sounds that can occur when furniture is shifted or rearranged.
  • Versatile Application: The FG2006 leveler glide is suitable for a wide range of furniture, including chairs, tables, cabinets, and other items with compatible threaded inserts. It can be used in residential, commercial, or institutional settings.
  • Easy Installation: The leveler glide is designed for easy installation. Simply insert the threaded stud into the furniture's threaded hole or insert and adjust the height as needed. The felt base provides immediate floor protection upon installation.
  • Compatibility: The 3/8-16 thread size is a commonly used standard in furniture, making the FG2006 leveler glide compatible with a wide range of furniture designs and styles.
  • Long-lasting Performance: The sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure long-lasting performance. The leveler glide maintains its functionality and appearance even with regular use, providing reliable leveling and floor protection for your furniture.

In summary, the FG2006 3/8-16 Leveler Glide with Felt Base offers adjustable leveling capability and floor protection for furniture. Its threaded stud, felt base, versatile application, and compatibility with various furniture types make it a practical choice for both residential and commercial use. With easy installation and long-lasting performance, this leveler glide with a felt base provides a reliable solution for maintaining stable and leveled furniture while protecting your floors.