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Part No. CLS125A - Threaded Spring Clip for 1-1/8" ID Square Leg

Part No. CLS125A - Threaded Spring Clip for 1-1/8" ID Square Leg
Part No:CLS125A
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Product Description

The Cls125A Threaded Spring Clip is designed specifically for 1 1/8"" ID (inside diameter) square legs. It is a versatile and reliable component that provides secure attachment and stability for furniture legs. Here are some key features and benefits of the Cls125A Threaded Spring Clip:

  • These threaded spring clips are used in square hollow legs with a leveling glide.
  • They can not be used alone.
  • Install clip by hammering into hollow leg.
  • Secure attachment: The Cls125A Threaded Spring Clip ensures a secure and stable attachment for 1 1/8"" ID square legs. It prevents the legs from wobbling or coming loose, providing a sturdy and durable furniture piece.
  • Easy installation: With its threaded design, the spring clip is easy to install. Simply screw it onto the square leg, and it will securely hold the leg in place. Please note that installation requires a hammer and a leveling glide to ensure proper alignment.
  • Durable construction: The Cls125A Threaded Spring Clip is made from high-quality materials that guarantee durability and longevity. It is designed to withstand regular use and resist wear and tear.
  • Versatile compatibility: This spring clip is specifically designed for 1 1/8"" ID square legs, making it suitable for a wide range of furniture applications, including chairs, tables, shelving units, and more.
  • Enhanced stability: The Cls125A Threaded Spring Clip improves the stability of furniture by providing a firm connection between the leg and the frame. It minimizes movement and reduces the risk of accidents or damage caused by unsteady furniture.
  • Adjustable height: The threaded design allows for height adjustment of the furniture leg. By rotating the spring clip, you can raise or lower the leg to achieve the desired height, ensuring proper alignment on uneven surfaces.
  • Rust-resistant finish: The spring clip is coated with a rust-resistant finish, protecting it from corrosion and ensuring long-term durability even in humid or damp environments.
  • Neat and discreet: The Cls125A Threaded Spring Clip has a low-profile design, blending seamlessly with the furniture leg. It does not protrude prominently, maintaining a clean and aesthetic appearance.
  • Easy maintenance: The spring clip requires minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning with a soft cloth or brush will help keep it in good condition and prevent the accumulation of dirt or debris.
  • Cost-effective solution: The Cls125A Threaded Spring Clip offers an affordable and cost-effective solution for securing and stabilizing 1 1/8"" ID square legs. It eliminates the need for complex installation methods or costly repairs.

Overall, the Cls125A Threaded Spring Clip provides secure attachment, stability, and adjustability for 1 1/8"" ID square legs. Its durable construction, ease of installation, and compatibility with various furniture make it a practical choice for both residential and commercial applications. Please remember that during installation, a hammer and a leveling glide are required to ensure proper alignment and installation.